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Pastel ombre icing, an abundance of clouds and sprinkles, and some frilly icing to top off the dream - what's better than that?

Perfect for a birthday, baby shower, or any other dreamy occasion.

Design information We use the pictures as inspiration, this means your cake will be a unique recreation of this design and not an exact replica.

Please note the cake contains crunchy sprinkles (visible) - which are suitable for 3 years old and up.

additional information

allergens All cakes contain wheat, eggs & milk, unless otherwise specified (Vegan options available!); Please note that all products are made in a bakery that handles nuts, gluten, milk, eggs, peanuts and other allergens; If you have a severe allergy, please know that while we do our best to prevent cross-contamination, we are not an allergy-free bakery.
Care Instructions Our cakes are delivered by car with an external premium courier service, that takes the utmost care and caution to ensure you get your cake in perfect condition. Please read our care instructions page for detailed information about picking up the cake yourself.